Year in review: 2016

Read 11 books & hella comics. Listened to too many podcasts. Watched 23 films & 919+ episodes of television.



  • Spent a week meeting coworkers in Washington, DC
  • Learned what it’s like to go to sleep on a Sunday night excited for work
  • Lost Lust Supply launched my False Luck pin (its limited first run sold out within weeks!)
  • Got my last haircut of the year as I push out of my comfort zone to grow out my ‘do
  • Shipped Valentine’s Day cards to my Patreon backers ♥


  • Moved out of my hometown to a new place with double the square footage
  • Bought our first real pieces of furniture, starting with a couch
  • Visited San Francisco — my first time traveling west of Chicago. Met some beautiful Internet friends, including an afternoon in Japantown with Jasmine


  • Learned about style guides and design systems at ClarityConf with coworkers
  • Shipped cute temporary tattoos to my Patreon backers ♥



  • The Cavaliers won the NBA Championship (!!!)
  • Flew to LA (second time in California ever! this year!) to oversee an event I art directed, Eater Young Guns (& yes, the food was amazing)
  • Turned 24 on my birthday, ayyyy 😎


  • Spent a week in Chicago, hacking with the Vox Media Product Team (the dream team of Dani and Katie, in particular!) in the daytime, seeing old friends at tiki bars and burger bars in the evenings ♥
  • Featured in Dribbble’s Timeout interview series
  • Paused my Patreon campaign to focus on getting the real False Luck store ready


  • Made an order for 200 enamel pins for False Luck’s hard launch
  • Became re-obsessed with k-pop after a ~five year break


  • Got married! ♥♥♥ We had our parents in the mayor’s office at city hall & then we got our fav drive-in fast food burgers, visited our skate shop and local comic book store
  • Realigned on Jekyll with a streamlined portfolio design
  • Traveled to NYC for the first time — explored the Lower Manhattan, ate bagels and Korean barbecue, hung out with Maria and Rachel ♥
  • Depression hits, even after all this greatness


  • Took an intermediate calligraphy workshop
  • Saw Kanye West at the Saint Pablo tour — I’ve been waiting to see him live for literally half of my life (!!!)
  • This hikikomori couple had friends over for the first time, v adult, board games and pizza and chicken
  • And then we launched Grawlix, our design consultancy
  • Spent a night in DC to enjoy Pixel Punch, a Vox Media volunteer-run event
  • Played my first tabletop RPG session as a lawful good teen girl halfling mage with Justin DMing
  • Depression stays and it hurts


  • A painful political apocalypse doth rise
  • Worked on a logotype for Rachel Nabors
  • Took a few online courses focused on woman entrepreneurs: specialized in marketing and business
  • Did a full relaunch of (hi!!!) since I’m taking freelance work with Grawlix, pivoting to a new business model
  • The third event I art directed for the year, The 2016 Eater Awards, was a smash hit
  • Exacerbated by current events, depression really hurts this month


  • Showcased a piece in Moon Prism Power, a Sailor Moon art show by women & nonbinary artists
  • Did a rad project with Cards Against Humanity’s sister company, Blackbox
  • Finalized that pin order from August; remember that depression thing I told you about? Yeah. Had to take some things slower. Everything’s looking up and the pins ship at the end of the month!
  • Looking forward to start hitting my 2017 Q1 goals in business, health, and home ♥

Word of the year

Throughout 2016, I focused on the word light to drive my goals, actions, and mindset. It worked for everything (except the way I packed for trips)! Some big changes in circumstance helped me approach the days with a lighter sense of self as I worked hard to make it happen. In 2017, my guiding word is reach. I’m not shooting for the stars, I’m aiming toward Andromeda. I will stretch and flex past the self-imposed and societally-mandated boundaries I created and maintained out of fear. My horizons will grow, closing in on what feels like far-off distances. I will extend what I believe I’m capable of — without overextending myself.