Word of 2016: Light

I’ve gone into 2016 with a lightness I’m not used to and it feels incredible.

My nature: I’m goofy and cheerful, but I’m an uptight, overplanning, overworrier. Anxiety often gets the best of me.

My habits: I’ve spent the past few years bettering my career, relationship, and mental health at the expense of my sluggish physical health.

My desires: I admire those who are determined yet easygoing, who spend energy where it counts and ignore the rest. I long for a sense of practiced effortlessness, sprezzatura.

Flourishing without overflowing. Well-fed and full.

I decided at the beginning of the year I would focus the next twelve months on becoming light.

Cultivating a sense of levity and flexibility that doesn’t come naturally.

Feeling more at home in my body and less weighed down.

Delighting those around me like a ball of sunshine (though I’ve been told I’m already great at that one.)

I want to learn to face both tiny and towering troubles with grace. Adaptable, affable. My lightness will be flexible where my heaviness is fearful. Not necessarily seeking out change, but welcoming upon arrival.

I want a heavy savings and a light debt, financially and emotionally.

I want a richer relationship with my body. Sure, fewer in pounds and inches, but I will only be measuring by feeling. I’ll grow stronger and lighter, mentally and physically.

Relieving & lifting myself from myself. Not shrinking to take up less space, but shedding insecurities to show off more of myself. No longer a burden, but a glow.