Year In review: 2015


Read 23 books & too many comics. Watched 78 films & 1400+ episodes of television.


  • saw one of my first paid illustration gigs come to life via animation by the director
  • lonely and frustrated with my 9 to 5 environment


  • decided to start the small business of my dreams, selling accessories and shirts
  • joined the best ever backchannel community of ferocious & beautiful women in tech
  • realigned


  • bought domain to start hacking on the dream small biz
  • started looking for a new full-time job, have a couple interviews that lead no where


  • took myself on a date downtown to see Tycho after waiting years
  • sold occult Beyonce tshirts on Society6. I made like, $12, but it was the coolest to see someone wearing something I made for myself to enjoy, not for a b®and for money



  • launched the first site I got to art direct at that same 9 to 5
  • attended Colossalcon 14 with my sister, our sixth consecutive year
  • had my 23rd birthday — Boybot and I celebrated with a trip to the art museum, dinner with the family



  • completed my first branding project for a new client as a fully independent designer
  • built my first skateboard
  • met One Direction
  • applied to a million jobs
  • accepted as an illustrator to contribute to a beautiful book — my first time in publication


  • started and finished various stages of too many job interviews with no success
  • received False Luck product samples, funded by the initial round of donations
  • organized and art directed the first False Luck photoshoot
  • 7:37pm: >my hairdresser found two teens bonging dew outside the post office
  • played with 3D modeling
  • began participation in Planet Princes/Princesses for an illustration challenge


  • launched my first web project for a new client as a fully independent designer
  • launched the False Luck Kickstarter campaign
  • bought my first drawing tablet
  • wrote my first blog post I didn’t want to delete immediately in years
  • collaborated with a polymath woman I look up to on a high-profile project
  • applied to my actual dream job — it didn’t go anywhere, but they’re my Twitter friends now!
  • began participation in #dailyui. what else am I going to do with my time?



  • realize extra-anxiety and bank balances are inversely related
  • Alejandra Luaces and I recorded our first podcast episode
  • physically held the book my work was published in
  • restarted yoga practice, deep breaths & ready for new