Vertical Video Storyboard Template

Storyboard your 9:16 content for Snapchat, IG Stories, and other vertical video platforms. PDF, US letter-sized portrait.

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Video in a vertical format is the exact opposite of centuries of film viewing expectations, but it feels totally natural held in your hand on your mobile phone. While the Internet laments amateur home movies recorded in portrait mode, Snapchat has totally capitalized vertical videos, charging more than YouTube for ads at the launch of their monetization. Traditional horizontal videos and still shots can be reused on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, all over, but Snapchat’s vertical orientation  requires new (or strategically reimagined) content. If you’re a contractor working for a Discover channel, an agency tasked to make an ad, or interested in leveling up your own Snaps, here’s a freebie to help you plan.


Here’s a snippet of what 3 frames could look like. The PDF is a US letter-sized portrait page with 6 storyboard frames & space for a title + description. The template is in 9:16 with faint dotted lines indicating other common screen ratios to beware of. Hope it helps!

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