Ready to fill in the gaps in your design know-how?

Coming soon: Two affordable, self-paced online courses for designers who (want to) focus on print and screens. Basically, we could call this unicorn school.

Print design for digital designers

Explainers on paper sizes & weights, print methods, and finishing terms. The print process from your first export to final payment. How to ask for quotes. How to package files for production. Where you can save money and where you need to spend extra. A secret-weapon list of my most trusted manufacturers.

Understanding digital design for print designers

You’ll be your front-end developer’s new favourite coworker. How to study fonts and colors without leaving the browser. A breakdown of design roles in digital agencies and tech companies. File format explainers and compression tips. Mockups vs. prototypes. Important principles that will set you apart (spoiler: accessibility and file sizes). Where to go next.

And coming even later in 2017… “Accessibility for Creativeprenuers” and “Making the Most of Your Style Guide”.