Have a burning question, curious about an offering, or just want to say hello?

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You can email me directly at meow@[myname].com,
though I respond quickest via Twitter.

One-on-one design If you’d like to work with me one-on-one for a design, illustration, or development consultation, please visit my studio at and contact me through there.

Mentorship For design, code, biz, or life advice, feel free to hit me up for help. There’s a good chance you’re wondering about the same thing someone else is, so, ask away! Design students, recent grads, and those early in their career: If you are a woman, nonbinary or gnc, and/or person of color looking for a design mentor, I’d love to talk with you.

Men who brain-pick I won’t respond to requests from male professionals who want to use my time to “pick my brain” on design or business over email, Skype, or coffee. Women perform more than enough unrecognized, unpaid emotional labor for me to offer you individualized attention for free. To schedule a paid consultation, please send me a note.

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