Word of 2016: Light >

I’ve gone into 2016 with a lightness I’m not used to and it feels incredible. My nature: I’m goofy and cheerful, but I’m an uptight, overplanning, overworrier. Anxiety often gets the best of me. My habits: I’ve spent the past few years bettering my career, relationship, and mental health at the expense of my sluggish […]

Listened + Watched: Week of 18 Jan >

Listened Girls — Season 1: I mean, of course TV is more of a “watch” than a “listen”, but I’ve been listening as background noise this weekend. I watched the first few episodes when the show aired and hated it, like much of the Internet. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t give it a […]

Listened + Read: Week of 11 Jan >

Listened The Read — Future Support: I’m super late on this show. Way, way, way too late on this show. Don’t be wrong like I am. Freakonomics Radio — #232: The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap: Why the 77 cents on the dollar statistic isn’t necessarily true. Slate’s Culture Gabfest: One of the […]

Listened + Read: Week of 4 Jan >

Listened Another Round — #37: The Room Where It Happens (with Valerie Jarrett). ★★ Another Round is perfection week by week. Heben & Tracy are magical and this week had an inspiring and candid conversation with President Obama’s Senior Advisor! (!!!) Pusha T — King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude ♫ Pusha T […]

Vertical Video Storyboard Template for Snapchat >

Download here ⇩ Video in a vertical format is the exact opposite of centuries of film viewing expectations, but it feels totally natural held in your hand on your mobile phone. While the Internet laments amateur home movies recorded in portrait mode, Snapchat has totally capitalized vertical videos, charging more than YouTube for ads at the launch of their […]

Listened + Read: Week of 28 Dec 2015 >

Listened Latino USA— #1601: ¡Tumbao! A Music Story Mixtape. ★★ Latino USA continues to be one of my absolute favourite radio productions. We get to hear from some awesome punk women and one section of this episode is called “From Bagels to Bongos”. WTF with Marc Maron — #667: Neil Strauss. What started as a hatelisten […]

Year In Review: 2015 >

Read 23 books & too many comics. Watched 78 films & 1400+ episodes of television. January saw one of my first paid illustration gigs come to life via animation by the director lonely and frustrated with my 9 to 5 environment February decided to start the small business of my dreams, selling accessories and shirts […]