Jessica Paoli is an interdisciplinary designer and visual artist.

Every month I mail exclusive goodies to patrons who support my practice. I hand address an envelope stuffed with a freshly-designed trinket and a cute doodle for $10. Start & stop whenever you want, no commitments.

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False Luck is my playground for the tangibly weird and cute: accessories, apparel, and paper goods with allure + attitude. New products are funded in part by my Patreon campaign; a little support goes a long way.

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My creative practice is centered around actively exercising empathy and irreverance. I leave things better than I found them and I have fun in the process.

About Me

I’m Jessica  “Skullface” Paoli, an INFJ Cancerian Slytherin Type 4 — a creative introvert focused on her individuality, intuition, and emotion.

You can find me everywhere url as skullface and irl at my home office & studio in the Midwest. By day I'm an interdisciplinary Designer on the Identity Team at Vox Media; by night I'm hanging with my cats, learning to skateboard without breaking any bones, drawing, painting, lettering, reading, and video gaming. On occasion, you can catch me livestreaming exactly that!