Jessica Paoli, β€œSkullface” for short.

I craft experiences for established brands and I help independent companies hone their visual identity to do more business, better.

I design for love and money.

Love Once I started creating, I couldn’t stop. I began drawing the first moment I gripped a pencil, using a mouse with as much dexterity as a toddler could. As a kid, I taught myself HTML from books at the library and saved up my allowance for some graphics software. As a teenager, I helped my friends’ punk bands with flyers, websites, and t-shirts. After school and after my 9 to 5s, I’d fire up my home computer to scratch the creative itches class and work couldn’t satisfy.

Money I became an independent design consultant when I helped my uncle choose fonts create a typography system for his municipal judicial campaign and made $20 a pop designing MySpace layouts… in middle school. After obtaining a Graphic Design degree, I cut my teeth in full-service advertising agencies specializing in digital marketing, providing a well-rounded view of how design impacts the bottom line for major corporations and mom-&-pops alike.


  • Moon Prism Power, San Francisco, participating artist, 2016
  • Secret Loves of Geek Girls (Dark Horse), participating artist, 2016
  • Dribbble Timeout interview, 2016
  • W3 Awards, gold award for web design, 2015
  • Kickstarter, Fashion campaign feature + Staff Pick, 2015
  • Bit Bash Chicago, featured artist, 2014
  • Ink Wars, participating artist, 2013
  • Weapons of Mass Creation IV, featured designer, 2013

Selected clients

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Vox Media
  • IGN
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Cleveland Airport System