Year in review: 2017

Read 15 books & a few comics. Watched 12 films and 551 episodes of television. Spent most of my media hours on YouTube videos and podcasts. Looked really cute.


  • 🚀 Launched False Luck (!!!)
  • Relaunched my Patreon to continue funding False Luck and start streaming
  • Began a severe depressive episode brought on by burnout from launching False Luck and the US Presidential inauguration. Mostly the latter. Don’t put your soul into a thing and then have the world crush the remaining embers of your soul a week later. Don’t elect a racist classist sexual assailant disgusting monster as President. uggggggghhh
  • Left Dribbble, it was kind of a thing


  • The depression is real
  • Donated almost $300 to two local womens’ health funds in the greater Cleveland area thanks to False Luck sales
  • Grawlix Creative went official 🎉


  • Saw Aaron Draplin at OKPants’ event
  • Depression is still holding tight. Lost complete interest in maintaining my businesses, ignoring False Luck entirely and ruining a client relationship 😓
  • Spent a zillion and a half hours playing the new Zelda on Nintendo Switch


  • Bought my first car 🚘 Still don’t have my drivers license but I own a 2017 Golf GTI SE
  • Spent a zillion and a half hours playing Persona 5. The winter’s depressive episode stayed through the spring, so I was grateful to have some excellent media escapism


  • Closed my Patreon after not doing enough thanks to the shitshow first half of the year
  • Began recording for my goofy Security Questions podcast
  • Received my ”engagement” ring! When Boybot and I got married last fall, we had a super low-key non-wedding. The only tradition we wanted to uphold were rings. I chose a conflict-free black diamond with recycled metal from a woman-owned American business 💍
  • ✈️ Spent an incredible, restorative week in the Catskill Mountains with the Vox Media design department. I hiked in the Kaaterskills, took cocktail-mixing and shibori-dying workshops, ate amazing food, and connected deeply with amazing people 💗


  • Left my job at Vox Media
  • Started a new role as an interdisciplinary interactive Designer on the Marketing team at GitHub
  • ✈️ Hung out in San Francisco for onboarding ☝️ (including my own self-guided walking ice cream tour throughout Mission)
  • ✏️ Drew some strange shit because Cards Against Humanity asked me to. I did not expect my first paid comic to be sold at San Diego Comic Con, but if it anyone was going to make that happen for me, it would be those weirdos
  • ✈️ Took my first vacation in years, with my sister! We spent a long weekend exploring Midtown and Soho in NYC 🗽
  • Danced the night away along the Hudson River at a yacht party for Pride Week 🏳️‍🌈
  • Saw the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert and met the series’ composer, Yoko Shimomura
  • Turned 25, ahhhh 💯➗4️⃣

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  • Saw Boybot play his first show with his new band! It was his first show since high school! He’s dreamy 🥁


  • Started a new tattoo 💉 got the lineart done for my right arm’s full wrapping half-sleeve


  • Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico 💔 por suerte mi familia está ileso
  • ✈️ Visited San Francisco for GitHub Universe — worked hard and met Internet friends like Justine Arreche and Lindsey Bieda in person for the first time!
  • 🚀 Launched, a website to help a friend’s initiative for relief in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria
  • Got some lighting equipment to start up a YouTube channel 👀 📹
  • Reached VIB Rouge for the first time 🤷🏻‍💄
  • ✈️ Visited Philadelphia for an inspiring weekend at Elaconf — got to meet more Twitter friends like Shanise Barona and Rachel McGrane!


  • ✈️ Spent a week in Austin for a work offsite. For team bonding, we played laser tag and volunteered at a refugee shelter. And Sophie and Catherine made us the coolest team hats!


  • Got another session done on my half-sleeve started in September
  • Ordered samples to prepare for next month’s False Luck relaunch
  • After so much travel, I prioritized cleaning and decorating our home to start 2018 off in the coziest, warmest, and most inspiring environment possible 🏡

Word of the year

Throughout 2017, I focused on the word reach to drive my goals, actions, and mindset. I told myself…

I will stretch and flex past the self-imposed and societally-mandated boundaries I created and maintained out of fear. My horizons will grow, closing in on what feels like far-off distances. I will extend what I believe I’m capable of — without overextending myself.

I didn’t feel like reaching as much as crawling into a hole or setting things on fire. I got quite a bit accomplished even with the world falling to ruin. I guess I managed to reach out of that rubble.

I went to cities I’d never been, interacted with people in ways I physically couldn’t a couple years ago, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and achieved new career milestones. I’ll never be totally satisfied with my progress in anything I do, but a) I feel more confident in what I’m capable of, b) I feel more capable than the year before. After the year we had collectively, any fraction of a percent of personal growth is something to celebrate.

In 2018, my guiding word is roots. Give what I get, and then give some more, especially in my most significant communities. Deepen bonds with those I hold dear. Feel more at home where I am, with who I am. Strengthen, support, sustain. Less ambition, more nurture. I’m wishing us both the best.