About Jessica

Jessica Paoli crafts brands and experiences in Cleveland, Ohio as a full-time multidisciplinary designer. A type four* INFJ, Jessica solves problems and weaves narratives in the spaces between kerning pairs and curly braces with empathy and intrigue. She spends her days working at Recess Creative, playing video games, chasing her little cat, and curling up with a book or three.


  • Bit Bash Chicago, featured artist
  • The Back and Forth, interview
  • Ink Wars live illustration competition, participating artist
  • Weapons of Mass Creation IV, featured designer
  • Scholastic Art + Writing, regional Gold Key
  • University of Rochester, Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology

Jessica is always interested in new gigs, ideas, projects, collabs, exhibitions, cute kitten videos, and general inquiries. Get in touch at jes@sica.me to make cool stuff together.