Jessica Paoli is an interdisciplinary designer crafting sustainable brands and experiences.

I’m Jessica, “Skullface” for short.

My work is centered around actively exercising empathy and inclusivity — leaving things better than I found them and having fun in the process. I make a new sticker every month, livestream my art & design practice, and write about my experiences. “Reciprocity” is my favourite word and I really love cats, comics, cookie dough, cute stuff, and the Oxford comma.


Brand identity, web design (including front-end), and illustration are my concentrations. My services also include art direction, user interface design, user experience and interaction design, and graphic design.

I enjoy working through problems in as many media as I can get my hands on, from pixel art to packaging design to programming. Always hungry, always learning.



Currently, I am selectively available for freelance design projects and openly available for illustration commissions through the end of 2015.


You can get ahold me of me through this form, Twitter, or email by meow [at] my name [dot] com.